The Basics Of Mixcloud

On September 16th, 2020 I recorded a video for the presenters at KL Radio. The video describes the basics of Mixcloud. Basics, as understood by me at the time, to be of interest to know about.

Mixcloud is one of the most popular streaming platforms for DJs in the world. Mixcloud is ethical and relatively inexpensive to use. I regularly upload my mixes to and perform live on my Mixcloud channel.

This video is just under 30 minutes long. It has a lot of valuable information to include the following.

  • Mixcloud Pro
  • Mixcloud Select
  • Mixcloud Premium
  • Mixcloud Select Dashboard
  • Mixcloud Posts
  • Mixcloud Stats
  • How I Get Followers
  • Boosting Shows
The Idahoan
The Idahoan

Chad Russell (The Idahoan) is a DJ based out of Idaho Falls, ID. Chad has been DJing since 2019, both as an online live streaming DJ and as a mobile DJ. He is currently a resident DJ for Atlantic Progression and Raverholics Radio, both being online streaming platforms with worldwide audiences. He also provides wedding/event/party DJ services throughout eastern Idaho and western Wyoming. Chad has a background in digital marketing, working in the industry since 2011. Chad currently lives in Idaho Falls with his wife and two children.