Wedding DJ Services

Nothing adds that special touch of magic to a wedding like a good wedding DJ can. Make your wedding day even more memorable with the perfect music, guaranteed to get your guests dancing. I offer 3 different wedding DJ services that will fit almost any budget.

Make My Day


This is the ultimate wedding entertainment experience. This package includes everything you need, and more, to make your special day incredibly memorable. It doesn’t get better than this.

  • 8 hours of entertainment on your wedding day
  • 2 in-person consultations
  • Venue walkthrough
  • Ceremony rehearsal
  • Premium emceeing
  • Wedding activities
  • Sound system for ceremony
  • Sound system for reception
  • DJ assistant
  • 4 speakers, subwoofer, wireless microphone, lavaliere microphone

Remember The Night


This is the most popular package that I offer. It has just the right amount of features to keep your wedding party entertained and dancing into the night.

  • 6 hours of the perfect music for your wedding day
  • In-person consultation
  • Venue walk through or ceremony rehearsal 
  • Emceeing throughout the night
  • Sound system for the reception
  • 2 speakers, subwoofer, wireless microphone, lavaliere microphone 

Good Time


A budget friendly wedding DJ package for the budget conscious wedding. The basics never sounded so good.

  • 4 hours of dancing and fun
  • In-person consultation or venue walk through
  • Emceeing throughout the night
  • Sound system for the reception
  • 2 speakers, wireless microphone
Darien and Sean Lundin Wedding Photo
Darien and Sean Lundin

Chad… How do we use words to thank you for your Magic? This DJ made one of the most important days literally come to life – the dream my Daughter and Son in Law and family always dreamt of. The Music 🎶 Made A Real Love Story Show Itself like A Movie!! Chad made The Crowd Into A Glorious Winged Dancing Machine! Then it was time to settle, Chad’s talent Turned the music like the Owl Of Sleep Comes Out To Coax You to The Tree Of Dreams! Thank you Chad and as Lynard Skynard Sang “Turn It Up” 🎶 🙌 👏

Love and appreciation – Evans, Lundin family… Teton Valley and Tetonians!⛰