DJ For Hire In Idaho Falls and Beyond

Nothing brings a party to life quite like a DJ can. Whether you need a DJ for your wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or any other event, I can get your guests dancing. I am available for hire right now.

My rates start at $100 per hour and go up to $275 per hour, depending on the type of event.

Hire An Experienced DJ For Your Next Event

I have been a DJ since 2019. Since then, I have performed DJ services for dozens of weddings, parties, virtual events, and private events throughout east Idaho and west Wyoming.

I host two monthly online radio shows that are listened to around the world. In addition, I have performed at The Gem venue in Idaho Falls, opening for touring DJs such as ill.Gates.

Online, I have opened for Robert Babicz, Darin Epsilon, Mind Of Us, Chris Cargo, Discognition, Anthony Papa, and Maryer.

Live Shows


Atlantic Progression

Gem State with The Idahoan

First Friday of the Month.

9pm – 1am Mountain Time.


Watch on TWITCH

Raverholics Radio

Transcendental Travels with The Idahoan

Third Wednesday of the Month

4am to 5:30am Mountain Time


Twitch Video Feed

My Upcoming Live and Online Events


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