Beatport Release Price Hack – How To Buy Cheap Music On Beatport

This is straight up not a hack. It is not a trick. It is not based on a subscription.

Just look for releases by your favorite labels. Oftentimes you’ll find releases for less than $20 USD which contain dozens, sometimes over 100, tracks from artists you know and may not know. I have found many bangers among the thousands of tracks I have bought this way.

Yes, once in awhile you will end up buying duplicate tracks. And, yes, that’s annoying. There are tools and apps you can use to help manage that issue. That is not the focus of this post.

The focus is that if you really want to do some digital crate digging, for less than what you pay when shelling out $1.50+ per track, and still support the artists you love, buy your music with Beatport Releases.

This can also be combined with Beatport’s 10/20/30 discounts.

Here is a YouTube video that explains more.

Beatport Releases = more music for less dolla’s